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Saturday July 1, 2017

New IT Venture leverages its profile of innovation to empower peoples’ lives by providing cutting edge products and services. During in-depth Hospitality Service research and discussions with our potential partners & customers in Japan, feedback showed that many Hotels wanted to be able to show International TV Channels for their tourist guest staying in their hotel. In response, we started HOTEL TV service.


New IT Venture has already tied-up with 50 plus International TV Channels around the world that has covered more than 30 International Community languages for the Content.

New IT Venture has tie-up with leading Japanese Manufacturer Hirotech (Hirotech Incorporated, a company registered under the laws of Japan and having address IO Building 2nd floor, 1-3-10 ShinYokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan 222-0033) to supply stable Modulator for the service.

New IT Venture has tie-up with experienced Content Consultants (Segard Veronique Company, a enterprise registered under the laws of France & Banglasatcom Pvt Ltd, a company registered under the laws of Bangladesh) to add more and more International Community Contents for the Channels lineup. We aim to make available of more than 50 country based TV channels in our lineup in coming days.

Our Mission –

We want to Welcome every Foreign Tourists in Japan & make them feel Proud by offering their Favorite TV Programs & Information Contents in their Language Accessible anytime and anywhere they stay in Japan Hotels.

HOTEL TV , Overview

It’s a “Hospitality TV Service”
HOTEL TV is an infotainment IPTV platform which provides complete entertainment & information contents for tourist guest staying in hotel. Service offer 2 different options to deploy based on the nature of each hotel’s existing setup and requirement. a. IP to RF (ISDB-t) Plug n Play System & b. Smart Hotel TV App Solution.
As a phase wise Development, Company has launched IP to RF Plug n Play System in Japan and App solution shall be launched in next couple of months.

What is IP to RF HOTEL TV

It’s a “Hospitality TV Service”
HOTEL TV is an infotainment IP based plug and play platform which provides complete entertainment & information contents for tourist guest staying in hotel. This will allows any hotels to add international TV channels in their existing channels lineup. Our vision is to make available of every International Community based TV channels in every hotels where foreigners stay more. This may contribute to feel them proud seeing their language TV channels in Hotel Room they stay. This will definitely bring BIG SMILE in everyone face, so we believe this would be the best way to heartily welcome foreigners and make them comfortable during their foreign stay.

How it works –


IP to RF (ISDB-t) for HOTEL TV,
It’s an plug and play IP to RF (ISDB Modulator) Easy Solution to Service using existing hotel’s coaxial cable.

IP Feed for International TV Channels will mix with Japanese locals in Modulator for RF Out.
System is compatible for both Analog and Digital Headend that has coaxial cable connected in each hotel’s room.

Requirements for setup –

It’s a plug-n-play system that will use hotel’s already existing RF coaxial cable setup to add international tv channels in addition with local terrestrial channels.
List of Items that need to be arranged for the setup:
a. Reliable Internet Connection for IP Gateway (Regular NTT Flet’s Hikari) which is around 3 Mbps bandwidth per Channel – Hotel needs to arrange this directly from Internet Service Provider
b. IP Gateways (One Device for each Channel) – this shall be provided by Provider (New IT Venture) in lease or one time purchase
c. IP 2 RF Modulator (AV/IP In & RF Out) – this shall be provided by Vender (Hirotec) in lease or one time purchase, each Device support 4 channels

International TV Channels lineup that are available –

Hotel TV, a main attraction in one of the major hospitalities is mainly dedicated to our foreigners around anywhere. Valuing our customer’s need and adding it into our services helps in making our services even better with satisfaction. So our service includes the TV channels from different country and languages as below:

No Channel Name Origin/Language
1 Bloomberg TV United States /English
2 Australia Plus Australia/English
3 Channel News Asia Singapore/English
4 DW-TV German/Germany & English
5 TV5MONDE France/French
6 TV CHUSAN * South Korea / Korean
7 NTD China China /Chinese
8 NTD Asia Taiwan /Chinese
9 NTD USA United States / Chinese
10 Russia Today Russia/English
11 1TV Russia/Russian
12 NETVIET Vietnam/Vietnamese
13 TVC News Nigeria Africa/English
14 Luxe TV Luxembourg/ English International
15 Times Now India/English
16 Zoom Bollywood India/Hindi
17 Aragon TV Spain/Spanish
18 RTPi Portugal/ Portuguese
19 TRT World Turkey/English
20 Mediaset Italia Italy/ Italian
21 Peace TV India /English
22 Kazakh TV Kazakistan/Kazakh
23 TVp Poland Poland/Polish
24 Royal TV Mongolia/Mongolian
25 Nepal Television Nepal/Nepali
26 Somoya News Bangladesh/Bengali
27 Aastha TV India Yoga/English & Hindi
28 Masala TV Dubai /Food in Urdu
29 Angel TV HD South India /Tamil
30 C one Mongolia/Mongolian
31 K Knowledge Philippine/Filipino
32 Colombo TV Srilanka/Sinhala
33 Hope Intl International  Spiritual English
34 CMC CHINA /Chinese Regional
35 Anhui Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
36 BTV CHINA /Chinese Regional
37 Chongqing Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
38 Yellow River CHINA /Chinese Regional
39 Dragon TV CHINA /Chinese Regional
40 Fujian Straits TV CHINA /Chinese Regional
41 Guangxi Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
42 Hunan Word CHINA /Chinese Regional
43 Jiangsu Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
44 Sichuan Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
45 Taishan TV CHINA /Chinese Regional
46 Southern TV CHINA /Chinese Regional
47 Xiamen TV CHINA /Chinese Regional
48 Zhejiang Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
49 Shenzhen Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
50 Guangdong World CHINA /Chinese Regional
51 Tianjin World CHINA /Chinese Regional
52 Yunnan Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional
53 Henan Intl CHINA /Chinese Regional

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