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New IT Venture’s Nepal Earthquake Relief Operation

Monday May 11, 2015

New IT Venture Corporation took the initiation to distribute the relief materials to the earthquake victims of Nepal (Phase one operation managed at Samundradevi VDC, Nuwakot on 7th May 2015). Initial fund was collected from all the NITV Team including CEO & All Staffs.
Most of the remote areas were deprived of the relief materials, so we targeted the Samundradevi VDC of Nuwakot for the distribution of the relief materials said Mr. Krishna Adhikari, coordinator for the New IT Venture’s Earthquake Relief Operation. Tarpaulin, rice, edible oil, salt, etc. were distributed at the relief program, as said by Abhinav Poudel (Volunteer). 170 families from ward no. 3,5,6,7,8, and 9 of Samundradevi VDC were provided with the relief materials.
The entire team of NITV Nepal Operation and its Portfolio in Nepal Office including NepalJapan.Com, News, NITV Media together with Students of batch no 63 of Gandaki Boarding School have participated and provided their full support in this Earthquake Relief Operation.
According to Mr. Adhikari, villagers were lacking in the supplies of tarpaulin, rice, and other such basic needs and keeping this in mind such material were distributed in excess in the areas.
A special package was delivered to the families of the demised. Breaching the rule of distributing the relief materials to the victimized families only, the corporation distributed the 60-meter long tarpaulin to the Samundra Higher Secondary School. The Tarpaulin was received by Mr. Murari Tamang, Chairman, Management Committee. The students expressed their gratitude as they can now continue their classes.
A local woman rejoiced that, where a nation couldn’t help them, the corporation was there to provide them with the tarpaulin for shelter, when they were staying under the open sky.
Leading Members of New IT Venture participated in this Earthquake Relief Operation were, Krishna Adhikari, Sudan Tuladhar, Yadav Devkota, Abhinav Poudel, Sadip Acharya, Binisha Shrestha, Bhaskar Koirala, Anil Poudel, Matrika Regmi, Zohvin Singh Basnyat, Pushp Rai, Amir Bhujel, Samjhana Poudel, Sandip Bhattarai, Sameer Rathore, Ramu Rayamajhi, Binita Shrestha, Kushal Khadka, Barsha Wagle, Jagdip Chaudhari, Bhawana Pathak, Amrit Bhattarai, Kumar Mainali, Sagar Janal.

Also, Company has announced to continue similar efforts for the next 6 month to help earthquake survivals and recovery.
Company shall provide the funds for next 6 month from different services and sources as below:
1) 50 % of Profit on Revenue of NITV Free Call App
2) 25 % of Online Ad Revenue of World On-Demand Mobile App
3) 3rd Party funds who want to support our movement are accepted as Donations
4) Further Contribution from Employee and Management

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