NITV launches to provide premier cloud video platform – New IT Venture Corporation

Press Release

NITV launches to provide premier cloud video platform

Friday February 1, 2008

New IT Venture Corporation (NITV) Japan based technology startup launching its video streaming services from next month with aims to setup its new head-end facility and develop cloud video streaming platform to deliver community based internet tv services specially for global community expats.
Company successfully raised 8.25M Yen capex from individual angel investors.
Founder – Kamal ADHIKARI
Head Office – Shiratori 3-12-24 #3F Katsushika-ku Tokyo

Funding Angel Investors:
DM Hirachan
Bhaban Bhatta
Kiran Bikram Thapa
Kamal Adhikari

If you are interested to know more about company, we invite you to visit corporate website ,

About New IT Venture K.K.

NITV is a next generation OTT IPTV & Cloud Video Platform Company that has developed a Complete Video Streaming IPTV Solution for Broadcasters, Telcos, ISPs, Hospitality Services & Content Distributors. NITV has partnered with the world’s leading media and technology companies, NITV owns and operates different community-based OTT IPTV Platforms and self IPTV Head-end. Founded by executives in the media, technology, and financial communities, NITV is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and maintains network operations facilities in Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, and Europe, and a development center in Kathmandu Nepal. The team at NITV invites everyone to visit www.NewITVenture.Com to learn more about what the company is doing. We accept communication in Japanese, English, Nepalese, Hindi and Urdu.

Press Contact:

Japan +81-3-5650-5430

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