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New IT Venture announces association with APT Satellite Company Limited

Saturday September 2, 2017

This agreement is made and is effective as of September 2017 between APT Satellite Company Limited, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Hong Kong and have its registered office at 22 Dai Kwai Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, Tai Po New Territories Hong Kong and New IT Venture (Distributor) concerning the distribution of a number of Chinese Regional Television channels.

APT Satellite Company owns and operates Apstar 6 and has authorized and granted distribution rights of all Chinese regional television channels to New IT Venture. The channels are listed below :

China Movie Channel
Anhui TV Station
Beijing TV Station
Chongqing TV
Yellow River TV
Shanghai Dragon TV
Fujian Straits TV
Guangxi TV
Jiangsu TV
Shandong TV
Xiamen Star TV
Zhejiang TV
Shenzhen TV
Guangdong TV
Tianjin TV
Yun Nan TV
Henan TV
About New IT Venture: NITV is a next generation OTT IPTV & Cloud Video Platform Company that has developed a Complete Video Streaming IPTV Solution for Broadcasters, Telcos, ISPs, Hospitality Services & Content Distributors. NITV has partnered with the world’s leading media and technology companies, NITV owns and operates different community based OTT IPTV Platforms and self IPTV Head-end. Founded by executives in the media, technology, and financial communities, NITV is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and maintains network operations facilities in Japan, USA, Singapore, Australia, and Europe, and a development center in Kathmandu Nepal. The team at NITV invites everyone to visit to learn more about what the company is doing. We accept communication in Japanese, English, Nepalese, Hindi and Urdu.

About APT Satellite Company Limited : APT Satellite Holdings Limited is a Bermuda-incorporated holding company. Its Hong Kong-incorporated subsidiary APT Satellite Co., Ltd. is the operator of the Apstar satellite constellation. APT Satellite Holdings and APT Satellite are headquartered in Hong Kong.

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