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Pocket Wifi (Unlimited Data)

In Japan, It is difficult to find out Free Wifi access point and even if there it is neither secure for Internet access nor reliable. Renting a Pocket Wifi in Japan is the best solution for Internet Access with on laptop, smartphone and tablet unlimited. Also, it will be useful for the users who need to use more data to use even in Home. We always recommend everyone to rent a pocket wifi to make Japan stay more comfortable and easy.


  • The Newest Model and Connect multiple devices simultaneously– If you compare our devices’ specs with other pocket wifi rental companies, you’ll notice that only NITV Pocket Wifi has the newest model. Other companies still mainly rely on older, obsolete models. It allows connecting multiple devices simultaneously without degrading speed performance
  • Unlimited Data Usage and Flat-rate – Take photos, make calls, browse maps, and share information with your friends or family members. It is better than the router can be used by multiple devices and without speed restriction. NITV Mobile offers you unlimited Internet access.
  • Cheapest Price – NITV Pocket Wifi provides the newest model of pocket wifi with an unlimited data plan, but still at an affordable price. Through our efficient management system and planning, we are able to keep our prices low while still giving you the best product.
  • Easy and Secure Payment – We offer completely easy payment options both online and offline. Online payments are secure (All communications are encrypted over SSL). Offline payment offers like cash payment in our agent shops or bank transfer or Convenience store payment.
  • Easy Pickup and Return – Pickup is available at airports, hotels, agent shops, and post offices all across Japan. You can pick up your package by telling the staff that you are expecting a package. To return, just put everything in the prepaid envelope we provide and drop it off in any post box in Japan. It’s simple and easy.

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