The TV5Monde has Partnered with New IT Venture Corporation for Content Distribution – New IT Venture Corporation


The TV5Monde has Partnered with New IT Venture Corporation for Content Distribution

Saturday April 15, 2017

The agreement is made and is effective as of April 2017, between TV5MONDE SA  (Company Registration No. 381 962 612), a company incorporated under the laws of  Paris and having its registered office at 131, avenue de Wagram, 75017, PARIS, FRANCE; and  NEW IT VENTURE CORPORATION (Company Registration No. 0118-01-020444), a company incorporated in Japan and having its registered address at Kopo Yamato Bldg, 1F & 2F, Tateishi 5-24-8, Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo 124-0012, Japan, concerning the distribution of the popular channel TV5Monde through NEW IT VENTURE IPTV Platform in Japan.


About New IT Venture:

New IT Venture Corporation (NITV) is Pioneer for Content Distribution Platform and Services since 2008.  NITV has been engaged in developing next-generation OTT/IPTV Platform and Services for Broadcasters, Telcos, MSO/ISP, Hospitality, etc. NITV has partnered with the world’s leading media and content partners to service community-based OTT/IPTV services. The company is founded by executives in the media, technology, and financial communities based in Japan. NITV is operating a headend facility in Japan, the USA, Singapore, Australia, Germany, India, and Nepal.


World TV GO™ is a Hybrid OTT and Mobile TV Service targeted at ex-pats communities and the tourist communities living around the globe. With more than 250 channels – catering languages and communities such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Kazak, Italian, French, Korean, Mongolian, Indonesian, Filipino, Pakistani, Afghani, Bhutanese, Gujarati, Punjabi connecting them to their home by enabling them to watch their favorite TV Shows and TV Channels wherever they are. World TV GO™ is available for iOS, Android, Roku, Web, Fire TV, WebOS, and many more smart tv Apps.


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About TV5Monde :

TV5Monde, formerly known as TV5, is a French television network, broadcasting several channels of French-language programming. It is an approved participant member of the European Broadcasting Union.

TV5 started on 2 January 1984 and was under the management of Serge Adda until his death in November 2004. The next director since 6 April 2005 was Jean-Jacques Aillagon, a former French Minister for Culture and Communication. The director-general is now Marie-Christine Saragosse.

In January 2006, TV5 underwent a major overhaul, including rebranding as “TV5Monde” to stress its focus as a global network. Also, the changes included a new schedule and a new program line-up. Since 1993, “TV5 Monde” is part of the channel’s corporate name. Its Canadian operations are branded “TV5 Québec Canada”, but the shorter version TV5 is also used.

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Kopo Yamato Bldg 2F, Tateishi 5-24-8
Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo 124-0012
Bansbari, Kapan Marg, House number 151
Near Thai Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal
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